Casa Favilla,18 Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay 3233, Australia


Our Facilities


All rooms have access to our large open plan lounge room, kitchen area. Each area is tastefully decorated, adding to the appeal when you do experience that romantic getaway.

  • Spacious Lounge Room
  • Leather Lounge Suite
  • Table and Chairs
  • Games
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Airconditioning
  • Gas log fire

Breakfast Menu

CEREAL-There are several varieties of single-serve cereal as well as a few choices of other important options, such as gluten-free varieties and sometimes also fruit free muesli, for example.

BREAD- The breakfast also includes several choices of bread types for toast. There is usually wholegrain, as well as quality white bread, while fruit and/or nut bread will almost always be available.

JAMS and MARMALADES-We mostly stock the "Yarra Valley" brand of single-serve jams and marmalades but not exclusively so. We also often stack "Roses" brand of such products for example but in a 500g jar rather than a single serve. Peanut butter and Vegemite are mostly but not always in stock.

MILK and other DAIRY-At Casa Favilla we try to give whatever type of milk is preferred, as well as yogurt to have with the cereal. The lactose-free milk is most likely to be commercially available almond milk, while oat milk, rice milk, and coconut milk may well be available at times. Lactose-free versions of dairy milk are often also available. Soy milk may be available but with so many options these days we don't guarantee to have any particular type available by default.

JUICE-We also includes juice, usually orange, apple, or pineapple juice, whichever is preferred. What we mostly do is provide 2-liter bottles of juice, but sometimes there will be other sizes. With the "Ocean Spray" brand, for example, it is generally available in 1.5-liter sizes.

FRESH FRUIT-At Casa Favilla there is generally a bowl of fresh fruit placed in the kitchen. This is done as a courtesy and is intended to complement the breakfast that is available to all guests. What we have found is that some guests will tend to eat the fruit in the evening and while we try not to make a fuss over this it should be appreciated by everyone that the kitchen area is a shared area and if everything is eaten then other guests may find that little is available for them. We try to replace fresh fruit if and when it is taken but sometimes it remains untouched for days while other times it all goes very quickly, so everyone should respect this difference between a B n B and a motel or hotel.

TEA and COFFEE-There will always be several types of tea available, including green tea and some herbal tea options. These are available in each individual room but the quality grains for Continental-style coffee is only available in the shared kitchen area. There will be instant coffee available as well as Continental-style grains that can be prepared with the aid of a plunger style coffee maker.

Car Parking Details

Free off-street parking is available for one car per room rented. Extra parking is available on the street at no cost. A secure parking spot may be available under some circumstances.

Check In Instructions

Check In : 3 pm.

Check Out: 10.30 am

Please send a message by email or sms if you anticipate arriving after 7pm.

Children and Extra Guests Details

We prefer to have couples stay at Casa Favilla. Pets are no longer accepted unless a special arrangement has been reached with the management.